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Taza Exchange is a regional retail, office and tourism destination and the very first Village at Taza to open.

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The Shops
At Buffalo Run

The Shops at Buffalo Run (TSBR), Exchange’s Retail District, will include ~257,000 square feet of development adjacent to the new Costco. Construction is set to continue into next year, with tenant openings beginning in the fall of 2022. There will be a total of 60 tenants on the site.

Announcements of specific tenants are coming soon!

Tsuut’ina Nation

Īts’īdīts’í Nìsk’ā K’ānàts’īnó K’āsōnà

The people of Tsuut’ina stand humbly rooted as a culture of progression and innovation. The Tsuut’ina are proud and resilient, traits that are akin to their Calgary neighbours, with a fortitude that is strengthened by the preservation of language, traditional knowledge and lived experience passed down through generations. Taza—conceptualized with these characteristics at the forefront—will cultivate a story of inclusion that embraces economic prosperity, entrepreneurial spirit and a shared vision for the future.

“ I see the opportunities that lie ahead for our future generations that I may not fully see in my lifetime, but that they will have the opportunity to enjoy and we just put in place the proper tools for them to be able to make good choices and decisions and we’re laying the groundwork for them to do that ”
– Chief Roy Whitney, Tsuut’ina Nation


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The Shops at Buffalo Run (TSBR)

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Spanning over 390 acres, the Village of Exchange is made up of 6 uniquely vibrant districts that each represent a new and distinct way to uncover the wondrous experience at Taza.


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